Cuban Family Reunification Parole (CRFP) Program Appointments

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why did I receive a letter from the National Visa Center telling me that my appointment will be rescheduled?

A:  In order to increase efficiency of CFRP case processing, NVC has begun scheduling all CFRP appointments in Havana.  Approximately 60 days from your interview appointment, NVC will send a notice to the Petitioner, Applicants, and Attorney of Record confirming the interview appointment time and date.

Q:  When will my new appointment be?

A:  If you had previously scheduled your own appointment through the U.S. Embassy Havana’s call center, NVC is following the appointment schedule.  However, based on increased efficiencies it is likely that many applicants will receive new appointments that are earlier than their currently scheduled appointment.

However, please do not contact NVC to ask about your appointment date because at this time we are unable to predict exactly when your new appointment date will be.  NVC will send appointment notices confirming date and times as soon as you new appointment is scheduled.  These notices are typically sent 60 days prior to the scheduled appointment day.

Q:  Why are you making changes to CFRP appointment scheduling?

A:  These changes are being made to increase processing efficiencies at the NVC and post.  Additionally, the change allows NVC to schedule all interviews and alleviates the need for applicants to pay money to contact the former call center.